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€ 69,00 (including VAT 21%)

Azurite bracelet

This bracelet consists of smooth, round azurite beads that have a diameter of approximately 8mm. They are strung on strong elastic, so you can easily put it on yourself.
The knot of the elastic is secured and hidden in the silver bead for a neatly finish.

Silver bead(s)
A detailed silver bead has been added to this bracelet, which is designed and manufactured in the Netherlands by myself.
The price of €69 is for 1 added silver bead.
You can add an extra bead because the bracelet is strung to your liking; read the text below.

Branch or chestnut
You can choose from 2 types of silver beads:
- A branch with two small side branches. Wood grein is engraved in it, both on the twigs and on the ends.
- A round chestnut with spines. The skin is cracked on one side, so that the smooth chestnut inside is visible.

You can choose between one of these silver beads or two of them in the same bracelet. Enter your choice under the 'silver bead' selection menu.

What's my size?
Measure the size of your wrist with a measuring tape or ribbon.
Make sure the tape or ribbon is not too tight but fits nicely around your wrist.
If you don't end up with whole centimeters, then round it up to the biggest size.
Enter the correct size via the 'size' selection menu.
I will make sure to take the diameter of the beads into account so that the bracelets fits perfect.

- Handmade by myself behind my workbench

- I ship from The Netherlands

- This bracelet contains real gemstones. An extra gemstone and piece of elastic will be added, so you can adjust the size if necessary.

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€ 69,00
€ 69,00


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