Rock crystal dangle

€ 43,00 (including VAT 21%)

Rock crystal dangle

A beautiful, 12mm round rock crystal bead, dangling on a smooth, silver bead with a 5mm hole.
The rock crystal is 'crackled', which gives it an interesting and icy look.
This dangle is larger then the other dangles in my collection. The inside of the silver bead is filled with a small rubber ring, which keeps the whole dangle in place on your bracelet or necklace. If you would rather let the bead slide, you can easily remove this rubber ring yourself or choose 'no rubber ring' from the menu. 

The bottom of the dangle is finished with some tiny globules, keeping the rock crystal in place. Placed on top of the gemstone is a tiny bead, consisting of globules in the round, like a flower.
NOTE: there are no two gemstones exactly the same. All are unique, and therefor may slightly vary from the photo's.

This bead is compatible with all major interchangeable bracelet systems, such as Pandora and Trollbeads. If you would like to use it for Pandora the rubber must be removed. Then please choose 'no' from the menu 'rubber inside?'
Bracelet and other beads in the photo are not included.

Weight: 3,7 grams

Hole size: 5 mm

Measurements: approximately 34mm x 12mm x 12mm

Material: 925 sterling silver, rock crystal gemstone

- Handmade by myself behind my workbench

- I ship from The Netherlands

- This dangle contains real gemstone

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