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Katie from Charmingly Baroque: “The quality is fantastic!"

“I love Wendy’s beads! These beads are absolutely stunning and the quality is fantastic!
I think it’s really cool to know that the beads are handcrafted and Wendy created these beads herself.

The soulful flowers bead has got two different flowers on it which I love. They are nicely detailed.

I think the coaster cart is such a neat bead! To my knowledge there is no other bead like this. The bead brings back so many good memories for me.

As soon as I saw the rock crystal bead I knew I wanted it. This bead is so beautiful and the detailing is perfect. I love it so much!”


Emily from fashionstoryteller: "Very luxurious and well made!"

"The most adorable mushroom house I have ever seen!

It is so darling and I still can’t believe this bead is mine. It’s so adorable and there are so many detailes on here.

Wendy makes all of these beads herself so each one is lovingly handmade by her. I can’t get over her talent and the time that she puts into this.

The qualitly of the silver and the weight is so beautiful. It feels very luxurious and well made. I am just in love with this mushroom house."

{Mushroom house review starts at 4:31 in the video}


Paula from Beadsaholic: "Small works of art.""

"Corner 35 is a brand spanking new brand from the Netherlands that is owned and operated by the talented artist Wendy Verkooijen.

She is inspired by the world around her, dreams and beautiful memories and captures them in her small works of art. 

The christmas owl and polar bear are sooo adorable!

Corner 35 has got different, cute beads. Go check them out!"


Emily from Fashionstoryteller: "She has so many awesome beads!"

Wannabe ghost makes me laugh! It reminds of the times I scared my husband.

The cutest feature on this charm are his little feet that are kicking out. Wendy makes all these beads herself and I think that is really special.

It’s beautiful quality and so cute. She is wonderful so I definitely recommend checking out the beads she does.

They are all really unique too. If you’re looking for very unique charms: she has so many awesome ones!”

{Wannabe ghost review starts at 5:29 in the video}


Paula from Beadsaholic: "They are stunning and complement any composition!"

Two beautiful new beads from Corner 35: the Dutch Tulip and Peacock Feather. Both are stunning and complement any composition!

Corner 35 peacock Feather is beautifully detailed with two single peacock feathers together on each side. This feather beautifully floats on your bracelet.

Corner 35 dutch Tulip is beautifully made.

Overall, I think you will find both beads beautiful and will fit into any collection. You should check out the photos on the Corner 35 website, too, I love the peacock feather on a necklace!

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Dutch tulip bead Corner 35


Martha from Marthnickbeads: "They are rather whimsical."

“There are so many bead brands out there that I now look for brands that make something that can’t be found elsewhere.

Some of the beads from Corner 35 that caught my eye are the Candy for me, Just a bag, Two peas in a pod, Wannabe ghost as well as the three I will be showing here (lovingly ladybugs, campfire and curious acorn).

I like the creativity and the beads are nice and solid.

Do check the other beads out too as they are rather whimsical."

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Corner 35 campfire bead



Paula from Beadsaholic: "I have coveted this bead since the first time I saw it!"

Corner 35 T-Rex Dinosaur is such a unique bead with his detailed head and decapitated body makes him perfect for Halloween. It is always intriguing to hear the stories behind each bead design.

Corner 35 Marvin the Skeleton Fish is the coolest little fish bone bead. I have actually coveted this bead since the first time I saw it!

Overall, both beads are adorable and quirky. Corner 35 will mix well with any collection.

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T-rex dinosaur bead

Marvin skeleton fish bead


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