Becoming a bead is not easy

Becoming a bead is not easy

Last time I showed you the wax model of the dog jacket that I made. The result is not what I planned it to be.
That is a shame, but it's sometimes how it goes. Luckily, it also goes well most of the times.





The result of the wax models
When I have spend hours and hours on a wax model, I can't wait for it to come back from the jewerly caster to see what it looks like in silver. This time I had send out four wax beads to be casted in silver; the dog jacket, the adventurous heart, the message in a bottle and the 'beating Corona' bead.


What happened?
This time the beads are just way to big and heavy. Have they become bigger after casting? No they have not. I just didn't notice it when I made the wax model. I don't know why I did this better with all my other beads that I made.

Of course I have put it on a bracelet to check out the size. But it's so different now that you can also feel the weight of the silver. Maybe the dark blue colour also makes it look smaller in wax. It's just to heavy. And heavy means more expensive to sell. 

Corner 35 message in a bottle bead   

So now what?
How do I continue from here? What do I do with these silver bead designs? There is a lot to tell, so I will explain them piece by piece.

Dog jacket
For now, I won't be casting the dog jacket bead. Because of it's size and weight in silver, it has to cost a lot. And I don't want a 'fun' subject like this to cost to much. Only very pretty beads may be more expensive, lol.

Corner 35 silver bead

Beating Corona
This is by far the heaviest silver bead of the four. Besides the enormous weight, I don't like the size looks on a bracelet either. And can you imagine that I already made this bead 3 times?? It was so tricky. But I can't make it smaller because of the 5mm hole that goes all the way trough the bead.

And my jewerly caster sees a problem with the spikes on the Corona cell. The air can get trapped in them so they might not get casted. Those two problems combined, made me deside not go trough with the casting of this (awesome) silver bead. I do however still wan't to make a Corona-kind of bead. So I'll have think about a new design.

Corner 35 corona silver bead

Message in a bottle
I was very sad that the 'message in a bottle bead' became so heavy. I really wanted it to work. So, I made it again! And it worked! I managed to make it exactly the same but only smaller. Because I carve these beads all by hand, I did not expect it to go this well. So that's an upside! Too bad that the work of the first one was now for nothing. But hey, that's jewelry making.

It is now quite slim so I don't have to make the bead to expensive compared to my other beads. I look forward to the new casted version of this silver bottle bead.

Corner 35 message in a bottle silver bead

Adventurous heart
This is also quite heavy but I do like the larger size. Plus, it's a nice subject that will apply to lots of people so I don't mind it being a more expensive silver bead, just like my Mr. Octopus bead is.
Therefor I will cast this one as it is. I think it's beautiful and I like the details :)

It's a large heart that has got a fanny pack on side, and binoculars on the other side. it is strapped around the heart with a belt. the clasp of the belt is visable at the top. This bead is for people who travel a lot or feel adventurous by heart for other reasons. 

Corner 35 adventurous heart silver bead   


So this is the story on how four new beads eventually became only one new bead (and a new wax model became the second one of these four that will be casted). It's not always easy for a piece of jewelry to get trough the selection here at Corner 35 ;) Thank you for reading my story and enjoy the rest of your day!

Love, Wendy




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