A dog jacket bead in the making

A dog jacket bead in the making

I wanted to make a silver bead for dog lovers, since I am a dog owner (and lover) myself. I wanted it to be something different then you see most of the time in other brands. I saw my own dog walking in her jacket on a cold day and thought: "that's it!".
Here is the process.





The beginning
I started the same way as all my other handmade beads: taking my block of wax to saw off a smaller cube of wax and drill a hole in it. This is the hole where the bracelet will eventually go trough. 


I found a photo online of a poodle dog wearing a suede hooded dog jacket. That's a bead I wanted to make! I knew I wanted something with fur and this photo was perfect. So I cut out the rough shape, leaving bumps of wax on some places to carve away the hoody and the sleeves.

Corner 35 christmas owl bead   

A smoother shape
After some filing and sanding I had a smooth shape to work with. The hoody, sleaves and body was how I wanted it to be. But now the details had to be placed. And although I find that the most fun to do, it is also the most time consuming. By the way, I can add details to the bead by using the hot end of a 'wax pen'. It's a simple device that allows you to add tiny drops of wax on the surface.

Corner 35 christmas owl bead   Corner 35 christmas owl bead

So I knew I wanted the fur brim around the hoody and sleeves. That was easy to make by melting tiny holes all over the brim.
I learned that when I made the christmas owl bead, who is also wearing fur on his christmas hat. But what else can I make so that it looks more like a dog's accessory?

I was thinking about some stitches, patches or straps. I went with the last one. I made a strap that goes around it's belly and ends in two buttons on the side. Like how you would narrow the waist of the jacket to fit your dog.

Corner 35 christmas owl bead

Final touch
It needed something more. Something that made it especially for dogs. So I placed a logo on the side of the jacket, just like my own dog has got that on her jacket. The shape is a hexagon, which is a wink to my own logo from Corner 35. I ingraved a paw print in the middle. Now it's a dog's jacket!


So this is the story on how the wax model of the dog jacket bead got created! Hope you like it.
Thank you for reading my story and enjoy the rest of your day!

Love, Wendy




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