This christmas bead was a challenge!

This christmas bead was a challenge!

Sometimes I start my wax models off with the feeling it's not gonna be that hard. I was wrong this time. It took much longer then I thought and almost made me give up. But I didn't! And it all worked out fine. Here is the process.





The beginning
I wanted to make an owl with a christmas hat on. I started the same way as all my other beads: taking my block of wax to saw off a smaller cube of wax and drill a hole in it. This is the hole where the bracelet will eventually go trough. 


The head of the owl was made with no problems. Even his tiny christmas hat with the fur brim went well. I was just carving away with my very old pocket knife and heaving fun. I made two triangles as wings and melted them onto the sides of the body before shaping them further. I carved ovals as eyes and a triangle shape bobble as a beak. The only thing left to do is make two feet and I'm done. 

Corner 35 christmas owl bead   Corner 35 christmas owl bead

But that is where the problems started. I made two tiny claws with bobbles at the end as toes. If you faced him from behind, it just looked like a few drops under his butt. It was so much work to shape this claws but did not look right. I hoped my boyfriend would tell me differently but he agreed: this does not look good. It is very hard to see on the pictures with the blue colour of the wax. But trust me it looked plain weird, haha.

By this time I already spend about 7 hours on the piece. 3 of them on the claws alone. 
If I gave up now this would all be for nothing. I removed the claws with pain in my heart. So, I thought I would make a tiny present under his body, as if he is carrying it. That way you could not see the bottom of the claws and I only had to make toes. It was so hard to connect this present to his body without melting other pieces away. My boyfriend held the bead for me as I had my hot metal into one hand, and the tiny present into the other. 

Corner 35 christmas owl bead   Corner 35 christmas owl bead

After 3 tries it was straight and I could continue shaping, which took another 3 hours. The tail was added and boom: I had myself a present carrying christmas owl! 

It is hard to tell yourself to stop at this point. There is always something to improve. And should you improve it now, or finish those last details behind the workbech when it's already casted in silver?

Corner 35 christmas owl bead

I chose to keep it this way. I was not completely happy with the way the ribbon looked on the present but decided to leave it this way. The thing I love about handcrafted is that it is not 100% perfect. It has this 'raw edge' to it which I love. So even though I am a perfectionist, I could remove myself from this project and sent it off to the jewerly caster. I will keep you updated on the results, so excited!

Update: The Christmas owl is now available here

Thank you for reading my story and enjoy the rest of your day!

Love, Wendy




23 October 2019 om 17:27
Hi Wendy, very well done !! It's a cute, stunning Christmasbead ???? I am impatiently waiting for this little owl to fly to my bracelet .... Greetings from Germany, Susan
26 October 2019 om 21:44
Hi Susan! Thank you for your comment. At some point, I did not think this would be a fun bead anymore but I'm glad I kept going and that you like it!! :) I will keep you updated on further details about the release of this bead. Talk to you soon!

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