Sometimes things get delayed...

Sometimes things get delayed...


Okay, so things don't always go as planned. In the Netherlands we have a saying: "where people are working, mistakes are being made". It's part of our daily lives. I thought I would show you a little bit of the process and how delicate this can be...

Handmade piece by piece...

Here's a glimpse of my workbench. Here are all my beads designed and finished (well, the designing part out of wax is mostly done under a blanket before the television).
Before I go and sit down to finish a new batch of fresh beads, they are being casted by the jewelry caster. 
This time I was not that happy with what I got in the mail. 

Corner 35 workbench

I had a ghost with a limb arm (dented or something). My campfire had a crack in it with a hollow space behind it. A flower that should have had 4 tiny bobbles in the center, now only had 3 of them and was therefor not centered anymore. I was missing 4 beads that I did order, and I can continue...

Corner 35 wannabe ghost bead   Corner 35 campfire bead

Of course I called the jewelry caster and he is going to fix it for me. The beads that were okay were also not pre-polished (that is why they are still white at the photo's: due to the pure layer of silver at the top of casted silver). So I have to spend my last day of my vacation to go to Amsterdam to put it into the machine at his place (I don't have the money for a machine like that yet).


I am a perfectionist to the bone!

It will all be fine. It just costs a little bit more time but I am happy to do that because I love a good looking piece of jewelry. I know that perfect does not excist when you are making things by hand, but I want to get as close to it as possible. Sometimes it annoys me (and my loved ones) that I can't get over certain stuff when it is basically already pretty good!

What I am trying to say to all the people who love staring at there purchase for hours with a big smile on there faces: I got your back! 
I will continue to make my jewelry as pretty as possible for you to enjoy!

Corner 35 soulful flowers bead   Corner 35 campfire bead

Luckily, I always keep my stock up to date (there is the perfectionist again) so the beads you see here are available for you as we speak! Like to see all the steps of my process? Then click over here.

Click on any photo in this blog to see more of the bead :)

Thank you for reading my story, and enjoy your day!




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