So this is how my Christmas owl turned out!

So this is how my Christmas owl turned out!

Last week I have showed you how I made my Christmas owl and that it was quite the challenge. And now here it is: casted in silver and ready to be worn!





Before and after

Remember this wax model? It looks pretty different now, right?
The oxidation makes sure you can clearly see all the details because the lower parts remain black after polishing.

Corner 35 Christmas owl bead   Corner 35 Christmas owl bead

The result

I like how it turned out. You can clearly see the rim of his fur Christmas hat. His tiny toes that hold the present are exactly how I wanted them to be! I am happy they are, because that's the part that I struggled the most with during wax carving (see this blog post to read about that).

 Corner 35 Christmas owl bead   Corner 35 Christmas owl bead

Making photo's

Last year I crocheted this Christmas bauble of an owl's head with a christmas hat on it. That is where the idea of the bead came from since I loved my bauble so much, haha. So of course I had to take pictures with it in the background.

 Corner 35 Christmas owl bead   Corner 35 Christmas owl bead

The release

The Christmas owl will be released together with my Polar bear on November 3rd at 09:00AM Amsterdam Time.
They both cost €69,- each (including VAT).

They will be reviewed by Paula from Beadsaholic. She will upload the review at the release date and time. Be sure to check out her website

Update: the christmas owl is now available here.

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!

Love, Wendy




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