Preview of my new bead: the polar bear

Preview of my new bead: the polar bear

It was time for a winter bead. Upcoming winter is the first one Corner 35 will witness so I wanted a bead with an 'icy' feeling to it.

My boyfriend suggested a polar bear and he quickly sketched it for me. The bear was standing on an ice floe that was basically to small for him. The first thing I said when saw his drawing was: "aaww"  :(




Corner 35 polar bear bead

It just looked so sad. But that is the truth, though. These beautiful animals ARE having a hard time with the earth getting warmer and warmer. So I did it. I made the wax model of this bead and after casting it in silver it really came to life!

Making photo's

The photographing of this bead was fun! It turned out as a craft project on it's own with some printing and cutting involved. A beautiful background from the photo website Pixabay was printed. I cut up some thin, white plastic to make it look lke he was standing in between the ice floes, not just on top of the water.

I like the way his environment shows so well with this picture in the background and the tiny ice flows drifting around him.

Corner 35 polar bear bead   Corner 35 polar bear bead

The result

I like that he's also like a miniature statue, not just a bead. The ice floe has got some cracks at the bottom, which will be shown when the bead turns around on your bracelet or necklace. 

Corner 35 polar bear bead   Corner 35 polar bear bead

The release

The polar bear bead is just called 'polar bear' and will be released this November 3rd, 09:00AM Amsterdam time.
There will be a review of him at the same time at, made by Paula. Be sure to check him out by then on her website and of course on my own website here!

Update: the polar bear is now available here.

Thank you for reading my blog and make this day count!

Love, Wendy

Corner 35 polar bear bead 




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