Can you feel the autumn vibes?

Can you feel the autumn vibes?

Some of us already had some very autumn-like weather, depending on where you live. I definitely experienced it! I have already been soaking wet with not one sock spared.

Do you feel like styling your bracelet differently during the autumn season? I tend to use more brown colours and forest themes. Take a look at some of my jewelry below as an inspiration. 


Corner 35 autumn bracelets beads jewelry

are preparing for winter and acorns and their leaves can be found everywhere on the ground. You can see some pretty sights while wandering trough the forest. 

Corner 35 hedgehog bead   Corner 35 curious acorn bead

The mushrooms and toadstools have quickly come up and seem to dominate the grass with their beautiful bodies. If you look closely, you might find a door in one of them. Go ahead....knock!

Corner 35 mushroom house bead   Corner 35 toadstools bead

Gemstone bracelets

If there's one thing nature is good in, it's making beautiful things. Gemstones are a treasure by nature which can be found in all the colours of the rainbow. Just take a look at this zebra jasper in the photo's with its pretty shades and pattern. 

I use these gemstones in my gemstone bracelets. You can find them in different sizes. Choose to add a handmade silver bead into it: the branch, the chestnut or even both! Just fill in the bead(s) of your choice in the menu.

Corner 35 gemstone bracelet   Corner 35 gemstone bracelet

Like to sit warm by the fire while listening to the sound of the rain?
Then do so! Grab your laptop or mobile phone and start browsing around the web for some pretty autumn pictures for that true fall feeling. While you're at it: visit and see what else I have made for you. I am going back behind my workbench now to create some more jewelry... enjoy your day!

Corner 35 campfire bead   Corner 35 campfire bead

 Love, Wendy




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