The creation of the dangle collection

The creation of the dangle collection

Handmade dangles and pendants

After collecting beads for over 10 years now, I realized that I only had one dangle: a venetian mask that I purchased in Venice. I wear it as a pendant sometimes, but I missed having more of them to make a bracelet of. So, I started thinking of what to do to change that and added dangles to the collection.

It all started when I bought these Indonesian handmade glass beads. They reminded me a bit of a pumpkin because of their stripes. Halloween was coming up so I was already thinking about making something for that accasion. I thought of adding a silver spider web endcap to the bead and hang it onto a bail. It was already late in the evening but I started of right away (could not wait). An hour later I had my dangle! The beautiful, substantial bails were already purchased so when my spider web endcap was ready I could make the whole piece. It looked great!
Here are some photo's of the process:



First I saw out a hexagon shape out of a silver plate. The plate has got blue foil on it to protect it against scratching during the process. After that I file the edges of the hexagon and make it hollow into this metal cube (in dutch this is called a 'holank', can't find the English name for it LOL).
Once they are hollow I take a grinder and start 'drawing' the spider web pattern on it. I oxydize the piece by using a sulfur solution. I polish the higher parts so that only the lower, grinded parts stay black. Now you can really see the pattern because of the contrast and my endcap is ready.
I have to repeat this process with every single endcap so no two endcaps are the same! They are all unique, just like the glass beads.

Now I strung them onto this beautiful silver tread that has got tiny granules at the bottom. The bead can't come of this way. I place my endcap, bead and a tiny flower looking silver bead on top and bend the end of the tread to an eyelet. I put it onto a bail and it's ready for you to wear!
The colour scheme of these glass beads are really specific so I wanted a more neutral one also. I took a faceted onyx bead (that I have in stock because of my gemstone bracelets) and made an endcap for that one! 

Now I had two Halloween themed dangles but could not stop there of course. Remember the branch and chestnut bead that are strung in my gemstone bracelets? I thought it would be cool to make dangles out of those ones too: and it was! These beads are first carved out of wax (like a sculptor) and then casted in silver. After this process I go behind my workbench and finifsh it by sawinf of the sprue, filing it and polishing it. Take a look over here if you want to see how I make these kind of beads.


To finish it all...I also made dangles out of other gemstone beads. I don't have to make an endcap for that (or make the whole bead myself, like the chestnut and branch) so they are a lower price range (€39,-). These cheaper ones are hanging on a smaller bail which also contains a rubber ring. Therefor you can use it as a stopper/spacer too! Don't want that? Don't worry, just choose 'no rubber inside' from the menu and I will remove it for you. 


What I love about this collection is that you can use every item as a pendant. Not just to wear on a necklace, but also on a silver dangle. The gemstone dangles that have rubber inside won't need extra spacers to keep it on place on your bangle. Just pop it on and you are good to go! Looks really elegant.
Curious to see all the photo's? Take a look at the whole collection over here.

thanks for visiting...see you next time!

Love, Wendy Verkooijen



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